Three Strike Runner


A three-strike runner has little chance of reaching first base after the third strike ball goes awry! It’s worth the risk, to shoot for a win, to shoot for the moon, or at the very least, to secure a place on first! Pierce Everett attempts a shot at the chance. What an adventure he takes readers on; this new novel is worth the time. Real life, true adventure, exotic lands, and nail-biting situations transport you to magical outcomes. Must read. Three Strike Runner Is a stunning modern-day tale recounting harrowing events, at sea, and on land, that unfold while planning a scheme full of hashish products’ taste tests, contraband purchases, and highly risky delivery plans, all not without incident. Everett details notable ocean crossings, with dramatic and death defying storms, as well as wild, natural Moroccan mountain villages, NYC streets and southern US locales while describing, perfectly, the players, from mountain North African farmers, to colorful forbidden farming families, to street dealers and swindlers, to customs and U.S. Coast Guard officers, to sailor partner and to a beautiful deceitful wife. Unbelievable, but true! Pierce Everett is highly skilled at using humor, colorful characterizations, irony, and well-crafted tone to paint the scenes so realistically that readers shake in their skins. An accumulation of threats and obstacles grow to, not only sink the three-strike runner sailboat/craft, but also to land this desperate novice drug dealer in prison. Take a ride on a beautiful ocean sailing vessel to a bird’s eye view of unbelievable outcomes. In the end, bad luck and one dark deed after another and another and another, land Everett in a place that jolts readers to life! Readers are left wondering why most of us choose to live safely and quietly in our own mundane regular day-to day everyday common lives rather than venturing out into a larger more exciting and mysterious existence! You won’t believe how much bad luck one human can encounter, yet still relish and take on the next new day until you delve into this vivid and compelling true-life page turner.

                            review by Sandra Harrison Feldman 

Three Strike Runner

By Sam Ibeh

Following is an official review of “Three Strike Runner” by Pierce Everett

4 out of 4 stars

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” This quote by Anthony Bourdain forms the foundation for my review of Three Strike Runner by Pierce Everett.

Born after World War II with a flair for life and the burning intensity for adventure, Pierce Everett’s life mirrors the sea’s deep calm in the face of wavy storms.

Alongside a great love for sailing and making music, Pierce was also into the construction and design businesses to boost his finances. A sudden crash in the global market affected him adversely. Fueled by the financial difficulties of the 1990s, Pierce came up with a money-making idea that would require him smuggling hashish from the Rif mountains of Morocco into the USA. The more he got deep into the business, the more he realized that sometimes, things wouldn’t go as planned. Amid betrayal, trials, tribulations, struggles, unending disappointments, and persistence, would Pierce succeed in his quest to acquire financial freedom?

Three Strike Runner is a true-life story. Pierce Everett narrates his adventurous journey of acquiring and smuggling hashish from the Rif Mountains in Morocco across the Atlantic Ocean to Thunderbolt, Georgia. Three Strike Runner is a fascinating and captivating book. It is also a suspenseful book and a page-turner that glues the reader to it from start to finish. This is the book’s feature I like the most. Readers will need to prepare for a roller coaster ride.

The author’s storytelling ability is top-notch; the words and sentences describe the scenes perfectly. The author’s use of words is mesmerizing. It is relatively easy for readers to picture the settings in their minds. From the writing, one can tell how much the author loves the sea and how he faces trouble at sea fearlessly.

Pierce Everett’s life is full of adventures. Having an excellent partner and amazing friends to find support in every step of the way is lovely. I can only describe it as a case of sheer luck, or he is simply a fortunate man!

There was nothing to dislike about the book. It was perfectly written and professionally edited. Therefore, I’d rate it four out of four stars and recommend it to those who love suspense and adventurous stories. However, the use of profane words in this narrative was a tad high for readers aged 13 and below.